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Social Media Meltdown

The general malaise of current social media platforms has me in a spin so I've reverted to old school blogging - back to the Blogger site, where it all began for me in 2005. I've dusted it down and started again, just to shoot the screenwriting breeze. It's not for any particular gain, and I certainly won't be encouraging clickbait or unnecessary traffic just 'to get numbers'. It's just there to help me limber up to my writing day or make sense of whatever's going down in the world of Courier Pt12. It's actually been very refreshing and satisfying so far

. I could do it elsewhere, even on this site, but Blogger feels like the right place at the moment. I'll still update this site with news & any blog insight I think worth sharing. But if you wanted to click on over, peruse at your leisure, or even, gasp, make a comment, then I'd be pleased to have the company...

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