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Writercise: If You're Starting Out

You don't need me to tell you the benefits of exercising. Oh, you do? Get ready for my advanced insight after years of analysis and workouts. Are you ready? Here it is: it's good for you. MOAR PLS. OK, exercising significantly boosts your battle against the major threats to your health: heart disease, stroke, diabetes and that prick over there they call cancer. The NHS has a bigger list here.

For many, I know it's a right pain in the rear to even contemplate exercise. But I think if you're willing to give it a go, then there's a way to embrace a routine that suits you, and make you tolerate the idea of coming back for more. You internet lot love a list, so here's top 4 tips for getting into the exercise groove.

  1. Find the right exercise. Anything where you have to move your body and increase your heart rate for at least 10 minutes. Walking is terrific exercise, and is the gateway drag into jogging. If you're a bit overweight and walked 20mins a day (probs around a mile or so), I'd be very surprised if you hadn't lost a few pounds by the end of the week. (Pounds in weight, not pounds in cash, walking is free.)

  2. Start a dedicated exercise workout. Following a Joe Wicks style of workout would be awesome. But beware. If you go in gung-ho, you'll burn yourself out, won't enjoy it, and convince yourself that exercise is a joke. Start slow, test yourself with some of the key moves, see how much you can do. Build your movement and momentum so you'll be able to tackle those HIIT sessions with a bit more confidence (and enjoyment!).

  3. Commit to a routine. Choose how much exercise you're willing to do in the week, or how much you think you could genuinely fit in. Once a week means you're doing something at least; twice a week's OK; three is good; four is great; five is smashing it; six is amazing; seven is hardcore, jeez, take a break will ya stop showing off.

  4. Small changes to your diet. Fitness gurus will tell you that 'you can't out train a bad diet', and annoyingly, they're right. But just like going gung-ho with a new workout, diet can create a similar crash and burn if you try too much too soon. You don't have to curb out the food and drink that you love, you just need to be sensible, and start reducing intake here and there.

For writing, or any creative endeavour, I find exercise is great for energy and focus. And aside from obvious health benefits, there's also the physical aesthetic to enjoy. Losing weight, toning up, winning the battle with the beer belly. So come on, get into it, give exercise a go. I'm starting Insanity Max 30 tomorrow. What are you gonna do?

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