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Writercise: Insanity Max 30, Day 1

Shaun T kicks off Insanity Max 30 with Cardio Challenge, 30minutes of non-stop cardio moves. Actually, he encourages you to 'max out', i.e push yourself to your limit so you HAVE to take a break. I'm not a big fan of this method but I will gladly take a break when it's offered, and the fact that I can choose when I say 'that's it, WATER!' even better. Watch me at work, yeah baby, let's get it on.

Here's how the workout breaks down (30mins + 2min cool down):

- Warm up. 5mins. Five cardio moves repeated in two separate sets. Chest Open Jack. Jack Uppercut. 1-2-3 Knee (I like the sound of 1-2-3 Beer but each to their own). Cross Jack. High Knee Jab. This is just the WARM UP but you may have maxed out by now and who could blame you.

- 1st Circuit. 5mins. Three cardio moves, THREE sets. Intensity, um, intensifies. Squat Kick Right (Left on the next run, alternate for the last set). Pike-Up Spider Right. 10&2. I'm not making up these moves. Although I may come up with my own names for them by the end, with selective curse words to express how evil they are.

- 2nd Circuit. 5mins. Three cardio moves, THREE sets. Medicine Ball Twist. Plank Jack In & Out. 4 Jab 4 High Knee.

- 3rd Circuit. 5mins. Three cardio moves, THREE sets. Plyo Power Knee Right (Left). Scissor Stance Jack. Shoulder Tap In & Out. For The Love of God. That's not a move, more my mental state at this point.

- 4th Circuit. Three cardio moves, THREE sets.Slap Back Knee. Suicide Burpee. Plank Speed Tap Right (Left).

- 5th Circuit. Three cardio moves, THREE sets. Chair Squat. Football Runs. 2 Jab 2 Tuck.

- Cool Down. 2mins. Find your life.

I've been keeping fit over lockdown so my cardio's pretty good but Shaun T always pushes you, and this is a non-stop full body workout that is KILLER. Shaun throws in a 'break' here and there but 'it's not a coffee break', and of course 'max out' any time you like, but your butt is essentially always in gear. Anyway, Day 1 over. Day 2 is Tabata Power, bloody hell, I dread to think.

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