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Writercise: Insanity Max 30 Day 5

'Fright Night Fight: Round 1'. Oh dear god, that means there's a round 2, and you don't do that until the 2nd month of the programme. Gulp! And you might think 'Fight' sounds quite aggressive, but Shaun T is one of the most constructive and encouraging trainers out there, so you never feel inadequate or that you're doing badly. Plus, his workouts are neatly structured to give you the slightest chance of keeping up with him and his motley crew (and even the modifier), so the 'Fight' here is 'the fight between your body and your mind'. Or so he says. I think I might have done this workout once before, and nearly died, but I'm fitter now and getting used to the moves so I'm fired up ready to go.

I quickly realise that Fright Night Fight is essentially a round up of all the moves you did during the week, but in 45secs or 1 minute spells. Christ on an actual bicycle. Remember what I said about the quality of Shaun T's exercise structure, mere seconds ago? WELL THERE IS NO STRUCTURE TO THIS ONE. It's go, go, go, don't stop. There's not even a break after the warm up, he goes straight into it, starting with a move called 'Hop Hop Run', where you hop twice then swing your leg back as if you're running. I didn't have time to stop to take a photo, you just got to trust me. The fight is real.

After about 15 minutes of non-stop action, Shaun T mercifully calls time out for a slug of water, but it feels like it only lasts a couple of seconds because he's back on the mat, demanding more. 10 minutes later, there's another water break. But with only a few minutes to go till the actual end, it's not long till you plough on to finish the fight. But the finish does come. Round 1. Jesus. Actually, it's weirdly enjoyable, despite the plyo moves (lunging and jumping) not being entirely simpatico with my body. But I can definitely feel unfamiliar achey shifts around my core telling me that something's happening, something's working. And that feels good. Also, I did 10min 'ease the tension' yoga afterwards to ensure I'm not straining anything I'm not supposed to.

I'm only a week into Insanity Max 30 but I'd recommend it if you have moderate fitness to begin with. Doing this workout from a starting point of 'zero fitness' will absolutely kill you, even with the modifier. So I would recommend T25, which is awesome, and will bring your fitness up to a satisfying level. Even if you find T25 is too difficult, it's got a lot more modification and structure so you can find your way into the moves and build steadily from there.

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