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Christmas Cottage Premieres in UK & US!

Our festive romcom, A Christmas Cottage, had its world premiere on UK's Channel 5 just before Christmas 2023, and then streamed on Paramount+ plus a host of other platforms across the UK and US. Really fun and exciting to see it on the big/small screen, especially as we only wrapped and tied it up in a bow in autumn, after a spring shoot! It had TWO changes of title along the way: first A Very English Christmas, and then Christmas in the Cotswolds (IMDb link). We're not sure why these title changes occurred but given the sheer number of festive romcoms around the holiday season, we suspect some title similarities here and there.

aka Christmas in the Cotswolds aka A Christmas Cottage!

After the snow settled on our Christmas shenanigans, Tim and I were asked to exec produce a film for our friends at Marvista Entertainment; a thriller for US streamer Tubi as part of their Black Cinema Strand. We helped our regular producer Adam to lead the production team on this tight thriller where a US couple come on holiday to the UK only to be played and betrayed by a seductive and manipulative English couple. We shot it all in Bournemouth in September 2023, with an exciting black UK cast. The film will be live on Tubi this year, great stuff!

As well as the flurry of film production, Tim and I have been busy on a couple of animation feature scripts, plus I'm grateful to have some ongoing children's TV commissions. All of this activity keeps us in a lively mix of storytelling and filmmaking, where we're learning new skills and honing our craft as much as we can. Here's to 2024 being another exciting year full of opportunity and surprises.


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