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UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Paul Pimenta

Well, lockdown life continues, and I hope you're keeping safe and sane in these uniquely stressful times. It can be difficult to remain positive and proactive amongst so many real-world concerns, but creative hobbies can offer some useful distraction.

With that in mind, Tim Clague and I dusted off our microphones and recorded an all-new UK Scriptwriters Podcast. It's actually the podcast's 10 year anniversary so a neat time to add another episode to the line-up. This edition is an interview with Paul Pimenta, who's a UK writer but now living and working in LA. He describes his writing journey, and how he used the tips in our UK Scriptwriter's Survival Handbook to get an American agent.

We love a good success story, especially if it's one that's been inspired by us. Have a listen above, or visit the main podcast site to go through all our episodes.


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