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Making Movies

Following the success of filming our summer romcom last year (see previous post!), Reel One Entertainment asked us (me & Tim, and producer Adam) if we'd like to make a UK Christmas movie. We love Christmas movies, so it was an instant no-brainer. As I type, we're mid-way through filming (Christmas in March, anyone?), having fun with fake snow, festive markets, and a fabulous cast & crew.

As Tim & I drove to set one day, our phones pinged with a notification that Future TX (our sci-fi family film) had just been released in US cinemas! We knew a release was planned but we didn't know exactly when, so it was particularly exciting to get this news as we readied ourselves for a day of filming. Living the dream, right?! And then there was some 'industry news' about our involvement in a new animation series called BuddyBots. Not to mention the upcoming launch of Flix on RTE Jnr (I was head writer!).

So, a LOT is happening all at once, it seems. But in reality, it's an endless flow of hustle and bustle, trying to ensure scripts get developed, and projects get off the ground. Nothing comes easy. Stick at it. Stay proactive. Do your best work - these are my daily mantras - and don't forget to enjoy the moment when you're right in the thick of it!

FLIX starts on RTE Jnr on Monday 27th March!


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