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To England With Love on FreeVee

Hot on the heels of our festive romcom that was on over Christmas (you saw it didn't you, yes you did!), get ready for To England With Love, which streams on Amazon Freevee from 7th Feb. This was the first film we made for Reel One Entertainment so me & Tim Clague are hugely grateful to Imogen Cooper and Sebastian Battro for giving us the opportunity. And doubly grateful to all our Bournemouth filmmaking friends who made it happen in front & behind the camera. Check out BH Movies if you want to find out more about production & behind the scenes.

So sit back, and cosy up for a Valentine's Day treat, as Georgia Hirst travels from America to England in search of treasure but falls in love with Sean Pogmore instead. I mean, who wouldn't, frankly. 😍


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