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Dog Years Wins 2 Telly Awards!

Well now, this is exciting. Dog Years, the live-action pre-school show I made with Tim Clague & Jan Caston last year has won 2 Telly Awards. It won Silver in the Children's TV category (whoa, beating a Disney and an Apple TV show to Bronze!), and it got Bronze in the General Children's category (yay for general children!).

This is such a great boost in what has been the most tedious of times recently. Dog Years was made on a micro-budget with a lot of love and support from everyone who was involved. In fact, here's the nutty cast & crew that brought it to life.

Hurray for us! We came up with an original idea, produced it ourselves, ran our own writers' room, built our own studio, got it made, got it released, and now got awards!!


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