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Duggee Emmy!

Series 2 of Hey Duggee has been awarded the Pre-School International Emmy, winning in the category for the second time! If you didn't already know, I'm a writer for series 1 & 2 on this brilliant show, and it's also clocked up three BAFTAs in a row for Best Pre-School Animation. So don't take my word for it, everyone agrees Duggee is amazing! I've already blogged about why it's so great to work on the show here.

Looking back at my files, it was summer 2013 when I first got involved in Hey Duggee. I was recommended by a friend (who also writes for the show). A lot of the work you'll find, especially in TV animation, will be from people you know. So, it's always essential to network but it's then key to maintain good contact with your friends in the biz, that way you can share the word-of-mouth opportunities that can emerge.

My first commission in kids' TV came about because I met a writer (the brilliant Nick Ostler) at a short film screening. We kept in touch and then he needed writers for his new CiTV show, The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers, so I jumped at the chance (the show turned out to be a double BAFTA winner!). This is the end result, my first ever kids' TV episode, below or via link, The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers: Actors of Infamy!


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