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Lockdown Life

Filmmaker and all round awesome dude Suki Singh has taken on a proactive and positive attitude during these troubled times. He's just launched the Lockdown Monologue Film Festival.

What happened: Suki put a call out for writers to submit a short monologue piece which he would allocate to various actors. The actors filmed the monologues on their phones, or best kit available. Suki added subtle VFX as well as black & white grading to give the films a professional polish.

The results are stunning. Suki has curated over 40 short monologues. Watch them all here.

You'll find my submission, Exquisite, as part of the line up. There's two versions of it, one by Natasha Hardy, above, and the other by Silvana Maimone, which you can watch below. Compare and contrast the delivery and meaning, and I've uploaded the script too (further down), if you care to indulge a bit more.

It's been a great writing exercise, and terrific to see it come to life in such interesting and creative ways. Thanks Suki, Natasha and Silvana! Check out all the other monologues, well worth a watch.


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